Sony quietly updated the PlayStation 5

Sony quietly updated the PlayStation 5

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Already on store shelves in Australia, the new PS5 has been given model number CFI-1102A, which is 300g lighter and no longer requires a screwdriver to assemble.

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Australian video player portal, Press Start Books First, Sony updated the next-generation console, but there weren’t many changes. Most importantly, you don’t need a screwdriver to secure the console mount, as the base can be replaced with updated teeth that can be attached manually.

However, if you want to take advantage of the removable SSD in your console, you will need a screwdriver with the new model, as M.2 can still be difficult to insert or remove manually.

In addition to the stand upgrade, the new console is also lighter, with the upgraded model selling 300 grams. Sony has yet to officially announce anything about how it has succeeded in reducing the weight of the console.

Both the digital and disc versions of the PlayStation 5 are now available in Australian stores in an updated version with the new model number. The Eurogamer He wrote that it was also one of their UK readers who pointed this out from the console Instead of the CFI-1000, a newer PlayStation 5 with model number CFI-1116A was shipped to it.

Sony mid 2020 Foot Your PS5 console is still in short supply worldwide. The Japanese company has already managed to sell ten million units of the device, which also addresses the global virus situation. She played a big role. At the same time According to their expectations Until 2023, the gaming machine oversupply will continue.

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