Sony may file a lawsuit over malfunctioning DualSense controllers

Sony may file a lawsuit over malfunctioning DualSense controllers

At some point when we read “console” and “drift,” we always thought of Nintendo – and it’s true. Joy-Cons was added to the Nintendo Switch, and even the transplanted versions of the Switch Lite, over time, tend to start moving in a random direction, which made precision control difficult. Well, it seems, if nothing else, that Sony has learned from the competition, because in addition to the previously big dust mixed type bug another bug struck DualSense controllers – the drift problem appeared in these gadgets too, and even, if it could To be worse than the switch, many people are facing the problem from the very first moment. Buyers do not want to swallow the thing – especially since once management is in short supply, the potential for tampering is a serious challenge.

That is why some have cooperated and commissioned the US law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith to consider the possibility of a potential class action suit. The problem wasn’t known before CSK&D: They were also the ones who went to Nintendo too, when it turned out that the Joy-Cons was really drifting off. The company is still in the preparatory stage of the case, and is currently looking for buyers who have encountered the problem who are of course willing to take legal action in this regard. How the case ends – whether there’s a lawsuit or something like that – is still a big question, but in any case, it’s not a very good sign that DualSense has been struggling with so many bugs, and it has recently been found that it’s cunningly no better than some. the quality.

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