Sony launches its own rival on Netflix

Bravia Core is available on the company’s high-end televisions.

Sony announced that it will launch its own exclusive content service, which appears to be intended to be an alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other similar solutions. This is the Bravia Core device currently available on the Sony Bravia XR models (Z9J, A90J, A80J, X95J, X90J).

According to information from the company, users can choose from a database of more than 300 movies, including Venom, Peter the Rabbit, Ghostbusters, Winged Bounty Hunter 2049, Jumanji: Castle in the Jungle, among others. The system is credit based, so you have to pay for the content.

The A90J and Z9J TVs have 10 credits, while the other BRAVIA XR models have 5 credits. Plus, with Bravia Core, users can subscribe to an excellent movie collection that they can watch anytime, for unlimited times, even in 4K HDR quality.

If everything is correct, Bravia Core gives you access to the largest IMAX enhanced movie collection optimized for the Bravia XRs, with a revamped IMAX visual world and surround sound. With Studio Access mode included in the package, viewers can gain insight into behind-the-scenes shots, interviews, and more.

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