Sony launches drone company Airpeak to support ‘video makers’

Sony wants a bigger share of the drone market. Today, the Japanese giant has unveiled a project called AirpickWhich will “support the creativity of video creators to the greatest possible extent”, according to Ambiguous press release. That makes it sound like Sony wants to do business with consumer-focused drone manufacturers like DJI, Parrot, and Skydio. Which makes perfect sense, given Sony’s expertise in the Built And the Full frame mirrorless camera Markets. If you are a vlogger or freelance filmmaker already using Sony equipment, a drone with similar technology may tempt you. If nothing else, it would be easy to correct color and combine shots.

Despite this, Sony notes in the press release how drones have led to “efficient workflow and energy savings in the industrial sector”. “Sony has dedicated the Airpeak brand to reflect its aspiration to contribute to further development and create unprecedented value through imaging and sensing technology as well as 3R (real-time, remote) technologies in the drone area.” Permission from a consumer or theater institution? Hopefully it’s the first thing. The company It already has Aerosense Focuses on business Drone cooperation with ZMP Specializes in scanning, capturing live events and creating maps from drone images.

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