Sony has created a new studio with the help of Jade Raymond

Sony has created a new studio with the help of Jade Raymond


The # 1 Assassin’s Creed Producer is working on PlayStation with his team.

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the first Doctrine killeranno, but maybe only partially because everyone was wondering what would be left from 2003-2005 Prince of Persia From the hands of the triple developers. Also, a lot of people also supposedly got their heads on because Ubisoft put a pretty programming lady up against the development team. It was Jade Raymond, who cemented the Ubisoft team until 2014.

Raymond then founded his studio with Electronic Arts’ ranks, Motive, which was 2017 Star Wars Battlefront IIThank you. However, he left here in 2018 and then moved to Google, where he became head of Stadia Games. After Google decided to stop developing indoor games earlier this year, Jade Raymond was looking for a new job again.

However, with more than 25 years of development, he didn’t have to send in his CV for long, as he managed to create a brand new studio in his hometown of Montreal with the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Haven Entertainment Studios Named.

Despite the support, the development team claims to be independent, with Sony helping to create it further as an investor. However, it is perhaps no coincidence that the first game that was not released by Haven was made on PlayStation.

Regarding the company name (haven means shelter in Hungary), Raymond also explained that they want to be a refuge for employees through transparency and mutual respect, as well as for players, providing opportunities for community building, shared fun, and self-expression.

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