Songs That Will Set The Mood For Spring Semester

It doesn’t matter how long your winter break may have been, it always feels like a small taste of freedom because you know you’ll have to return to school for the spring semester. For the past few weeks, you were able to relax and not think about studying, test, or 11:59pm deadlines. Now that it’s time to head back to campus you may find yourself dreading what’s to come. However, it’s important to start the semester off on the right foot. This playlist is going to make sure you return to your University energetic, lit, and ready to face any challenges that may come your way.

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Big Sean-Bounce Back

Last semester is in the past! You might have taken a few (or many) L’s during the fall but now it’s time for you to bounce back!!

Drake-Up All Night 

If you find yourself having to pull a few all-nighters this semester keep in mind that you’re not alone and Drake “be up all night” too! Also, check out this CampusLately article on how to have a productive all-nighter session.

Beyonce-Upgrade U

A new semester means a new chance to upgrade…your GPA!

G Easy-No Limit

There is NO LIMIT to what you can/will achieve this semester!!

Bruno Mars-Finesse (remix)

Let’s be honest…a huge part of being successful in college is how well you can finesse the system!

Saweetie-ICY GRL

Just in case you need a little inspiration to keep grinding and fighting for your goals!

Trey Songz-Successful

While in college you will have moments where you debate dropping out. However, it’s crucial not to allow your doubt get to you and remember why you’re there…BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

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