Nótár Mary

Songbook is a joint song by Marie and Pixa

It debuted recently Nótár Mary épixa picture His common hit is Akalari 2. The Live TV Wake up with us! in its presentation The singer revealed several things about her bold song, which we see in a new and unusual style.

Notary Marie even raps in her new song – Source: Life TV / Wake Up With Us! – video

Notary Marie betrayed, he has been waiting a long time for a project like this where he can light up another aspect for his fans.

We tried very hard to show something exclusive. A little alien. I see in the comments that not many people expected this, but the celebrant. It’s closer to the Pixa font because I’ve never tried it on this font before. I like to show myself in other styles too. I really like the work of Pixa. (…) I really liked his style as well as the fact that I deal with Roma music. (…) I asked him if he was in the mood to create something in common– The singer said about the background of the song adding: “We really want to talk to young people. Pixa also walks this disco line, and I also go to clubs to perform. We wanted to portray young people with this style of music“.

Nótár Mary can also tell you that the collaboration with Pixa is not over yet with this song, and their new joint project is coming in 3 weeks.

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