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Song 2022: Collaborated in the last field

Song 2022: Collaborated in the last field

The second semi-final of the Dal 2022 competition was held on Danube TV, with ten productions battling for the jury and audience, and four more of them could continue the competition – so the eighth field came to the final on March 12. With the first semi-finalists. Let’s see what the jury heard, how they rated each contestant, and what scores they handed out on the current show!

The Hungarian Song Contest on Donna TV on Saturday night continued with ten re-arranged music tracks, with one of the presenters, Victor Kiraly, performing with Gigi Radix and Danny Girendas as additional production. The songwriter of the year was Andrea Peto, who wrote the lyrics for (They Speak) performed by Frosi Erdos.

2022 Song Jury: Messi Mezzo, Katie Wolff, Peter Igre, Giorgi FirenzeSource: MTVA / Zoltan Sárosi

Live competition performances were evaluated by the professional jury, Katie Wolff, Missy Mizzo, Giorgi Firenze and Peter Igre, as follows.

Swing à la Django feat. Kosica: Journey – 37 points

“I call this mood,” said enthusiastic host Luc Rocosvalvi. According to Wolf Kati, the band was in their element, they had the same feeling as in their previous performances: that they weren’t competing but playing music. He praised the singer’s inclinations and confidence, while Mizu-Messi said they still had to train themselves to write, then referred to the “eighth dance”. Peter Eggery also taught dancers about the dance moves, was nostalgic for the nights at Pest, and considered the parts beautiful anyway. “I think you’ve found your singer,” said Giorgi Firenze.

Sun Pride: Like a shower – 40 points

Wolf Katie was afraid that the band’s accompaniment would be pulled by the orchestral accompaniment, but this did not happen. She thought about femininity, and Misi Mező was happy that the singers had brought peace to the studio, which would be in great demand all over the world now. He paid tribute to the great musicians, and felt he didn’t push the girls out of their comfort zone by singing to music instead of a cappella. Peter Egre mentioned the origin of Central Asia, saw shaman women on the stage. György Ferenczi put the spotlight on playing the violin, and the band finally got the upper hand.

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Andelec Jonathan Guetta: I still think so – 35 points

The singer, bequeathed to the audience, played the piano himself, which made the song more intimate and lyrical. Peter Eggrey described the performance as tasteful, cultured and unassuming, fainting from the production, which he felt was real in this processing. Singer Wolf praised Katie, saying, “You have such a beautiful and unique tone,” while feeling the song was nicer and the bow was better. Field Macy especially liked the fact that this time Jonathan “made the creator a star” instead of himself.

Petra Gubek: That’s it, that’s it! – 36 points

György Ferenczi congratulated the singer on her performance as “a thousand percent, from the bottom of her heart.” He praised the comprehensibility of the lyrics, but the song was rather orchestrated, he said, and gave a number of professional advice in this regard. According to Mező Mez, the song was supposed to be better with the new instruments, but Firenze was right – although he wasn’t personally bothered by the part, the performance took him too far. Wolf Katie also liked the previous version better, and in the end gave the four members of the jury nine points.

Soller: Others – 39 points

As the singer accompanied her on piano, Lók Rókusfalvy said that a few seconds of silence after the production spoke for itself. Wolf Katie really liked the song, I felt like the singer was standing on stage, I found the performance to be amazing in all its flavors. Peter Eggery saw Soler as a great musician, and also noted that he disassembled himself behind the piano, showing great courage. In the end, Mez Misi only gave nine points, and the others rewarded what they heard to the max.

Robbie Harlem & Roy: Tonight – 36 points

Péter Egri felt the production was light, loose and airy in a good way, he liked this version more than the previous one. Mizu-Messi especially liked the “fuss” that one of the members knocked at the table: according to him, behind the jury’s table, you could feel the atmosphere of the house party, the cheerful jamming, which the musicians wanted to provoke – they said before their performance. Wolf Katie also said she would go to a Ruby Harlem house party, where she gave out nine points, while Giorgi Firenze only got eight.

Majoros Csenge: Unearthly Love – 34 points

Viktor Viktor asked the whole band for a big applause, according to György Ferenczi, we could hear a great American orchestra and beautiful vocals. He mentioned Broadway in Best, and the only criticism he had was that the singer, as a soloist, didn’t lead the band aggressively enough. Field Messi also felt insecure in Csenge’s voice, feeling he couldn’t always carry the band on his back — but the route he took was “just fine,” he said. In the end, he gave eight points, as did Giorgi Firenze, while the other two members gave nine points.

Greta: Real Treasure – 30 points

Complementing her song praising God with violin, the singer, according to Katie Wolfe, managed to evoke a community song from her, which she felt around a campfire — but this made the performance “civilized” for her, lost among professional productions. Messi, feeling the term “civilian” was a bit derogatory, “Mizzo wouldn’t come with the original,” but would have taken the new hardware more seriously: He said the machines didn’t look nice together. GRETA had the lowest score in the evening, and Napfonat became the first confirmed lead.

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MattSet: Now or Never – 34 points

Lili Rókusfalvy heard very interesting musical fluctuations, and Péter Egri was amazed: it was as if he had heard another band, but left more space and air for such good musicians. According to him, this was the most reworked composition of the evening, but it lacked a small “chick”. György Ferenczi also believed that the boys touched the song bravely, but he lacked the same courage in singing – but gave ten points for the production. Wolf Katie liked the previous ‘sexiest’ version, and the band finally got a score of 34.

Szilvia Pádár: Little Bird – 39 points

Wolf Katie appreciated the production that sparked festivals of dance songs: she thought about how to rearrange it well, but even in this version, it “wound her heart.” “In this series, you are the singer for me,” György Ferenczi said, then recalled what he had previously said that a soloist should lead the band with a strong hand. “I filled it in again,” Peter Eggery praised, then gave ten points. In the end, not only did Szilvia get the maximum score because of György Ferenczi, but she went on to reach the finals.

In the second semi-final, only Napfunat got the maximum pointsSource: Facebook / A Dal 2022 / MTVA

Based on the jury’s results, the top three winners, Napfonat, Szilvia Pádár and Solére, advanced automatically, and Andelic Jonathan JOTA received the most votes from the audience – so he could advance to the final. The duo of Ibolya Oláh, Third Planet, Subtones, Bori Hegedűs and Erik Tempfli qualified from the first semi-finals, so they will be in next week’s finals, where the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra will accompany the artists.

About the first semi-finals You can read here More, all competing songs (including already eliminated songs) You can listen here.

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