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Somzhidok's star fell in love with Orbán's government in Partizan, and Auntie Janka just moved on

Somzhidok's star fell in love with Orbán's government in Partizan, and Auntie Janka just moved on

It is clear that the previous actors did not accept this, but rather distorted the topic of conversation. However, the red-haired actor Attila Ypres, who played Alma's former lover, the bar owner Lassi, greeted the occasion and gave the Orbán government an example of the late Kádár period:

“There was a social attitude that was not something to be ashamed of or to oppress at that time. That has largely gone away. Not only does democracy completely disappear in this authoritarian system, in which we live either in a system governed by the leadership or in some way overtaken by the mafia, or In a system dominated by large estates, but the social way of thinking itself is completely neglected and suppressed…it is not at all important for people to have a good feeling in a country, or to lead a normal, livable life.There are likely to be commercial and vote-hunting aspects in the job.”

Ipres's monologue echoes every phrase, every cliche the left uses regularly. This is no coincidence. However, it is not entirely clear how the actor's vote-hunting mentality can be reconciled with the fact that the government, according to him, does not care about people feeling good and having a normal livable life. From here, we send a message to Marton Gulyas that next time he will explain this proposal better, because it is, to put it mildly, contradictory.

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