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Sometimes Edge sees the Chrome browser as a virus

Sometimes Edge sees the Chrome browser as a virus

Not everyone, but only some of those who are trying to download a competitor.

Microsoft has been trying hard to get users to use its Edge browser for a long time. One of the usual tactics is that when setting up Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers, when you search for the Chrome installer, Bing displays amazing ads on the results page, so that it is not necessary to install another browser on the computer at all. Additionally, pushing the boundaries of good taste, Edge has been promoting itself on the Chrome download page for some time now.

Chrome installer is seen as a potentially malicious app by Edge…Source: latest Windows

Now another interesting incident has been reported before latest windowsAccording to its own internet complaints and tests, Edge 116 sometimes tries to set the Chrome installer as a malicious app when it’s downloaded from the official site, and then even clicks on the ad to warn that it’s not at all necessary to install another browser on your computer.

What makes it really strange is that Edge seems to randomly decide when to flag Chrome as possible malware. The post tried to download Google’s browser using it on five computers, but only in one case did Edge complain that Chrome could harm the computer.

…and then clicks the alert to self-declare that Edge uses the same technology as Google Chrome, which means it doesn’t have to be installed.Source: latest Windows

This is strange because Microsoft’s SmartScreen service tries to protect Edge users from malicious downloads. If the Chrome installer accidentally entered the SmartScreen database, Edge should flag the download as potentially malicious on all computers consistently, not just warn about it every now and then.

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