Something is finished ... a blessing

Something is finished … a blessing

The season of the eliminated soccer team Diósgyőr ended by a wide margin.

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Girgeli Caraxoni is unable to negotiate independently on the international stage

In the final round of NB I, one of the last matches of the 2021/21 season was played Sunday afternoon by the DVTK bid farewell to the first squad, which hosted the flagship team, Mol Fehérvár FC, at Diósgyőr Stadium. After a long while, a match was held in front of the spectators at the facility, but from the money that the loafers brought to the club’s box office in Deusger by changing tickets, it doesn’t work well in the cold water either. There had never been very few in the DVTK Evolving Tournament like there is on this day, at first there were only 300 on the Sunny side, plus the club side, including the six people in the guest segment.

The domestic Ultrasector was sealed, and there was nothing but tension of the fabrics, with the 111 in white on a black background, a reference to the “mourning” of the landing and DVTK’s written history many years ago. There wasn’t much on the field, in front of the favorite Drukkers pub, hundreds gathered near the campus. At the start of the match, the fanatics started singing among the drums, which was heard in the facility, and from the corner of the press balcony it could be seen that they were doing all this in the midst of the flags.

Three by three

As for the composition of the two teams: In both places, the managers changed in three positions compared to the starting teams in the previous round. In addition to Danilovicon and D. Orosz, who went missing from the Hungarians months ago, along with J. Hegedűs, who has been suffering from injuries for weeks, Antal B. Roshi and Beck in this match. The latter two were the first players in the 0-0 match played against Újpest FC in Diósgyőr 10 days ago, plus Vanecek was disqualified, and only got a spot on the small bench. Because of confidence she was included in the starting line Szucs K. and after a long time Drazice G. Molnar, who recently knocked off the start whistle on 3 February. In White Towns, Robin Pinto, Paula and Ross were knocked out of the goalkeeper with their 3-1 guest win over MTK last week, not the first in the frame either, and although the latter was nominated for the seat first, it didn’t end there, so he made six substitutes in this. Today is set for Figur County, where Viola, Darday and W. Sabo is a new boy at first, compared to last week.

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11 the last

The first place in the match came in front of the away team, Petriac’s shot from the left was saved by goalkeeper Malenika, and soon after the protagonist returned to Hervar, who could have shot at Zexer, also from the left, but looking for a better position, and although it was done Finding him, after the pass was fired into the goal unsuccessfully, the ball was scored by the Fehérvár people, the assistant referee’s side lens signal, so he left 0-0. At that time, the Hungarian Ultras were no longer standing where they had gathered, they were moving, they were walking on the road towards the stadium, blocking traffic for a while on the two-lane road leading to the city center. On reaching the stadium, their desperate voices about landing became louder and more heard. However, they could not see that the away team missed 11 on the field and Malenika defended Nikolic after the match that should have continued with a free kick from Werfar after a foul at home. DVTK ran into a serious danger for the first time in the 32nd minute, then Molnár G. fired a free kick from the middle, 17 meters, but goalkeeper Kovács D. hit the ball with a superb move. In the sequel, Petriac makes another attempt at Maleneca, but what was too ripe fell off: in half hair, Petriac, the most energetic player on the field, took the lead with a gentle move and headed for his team.

Distant targets

At the start of the second half, in the 47th minute, Drazic could have leveled, but as he had done so many times during the season, he was still imprecise, shooting the opponent’s goalkeeper. Soon after, at the end of a delicate attack away, Vervar delivered his second shot, after which, there was no doubt about the outcome of the match. Grgic could have changed that, but his close shot also stopped at the White Castle goalkeeper in the 66th minute. Shortly thereafter, after a good run, Grozav fired from the left by the ziccer’s upper left corner. Then came Fehérvár’s third goal, as Zivzivadze punished the defense of the home team, who played as a substitute. In his hair, McCray could pamper, but fired from the left corner to the bottom left corner, and in the end the Whites scored a fourth goal, and Nikolic twice conceded a missed penalty. It all happened in the 90th minute, after which the referee rarely finished the match without extra time.

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With its victory, Mol FC Fehérvár finished third in the tournament, 11th place in Diósgyőr VTK is relegation, and Whites and Reds can start the new season in NB II after 10 seasons of premieres.

After the match, two Diocecure fan representatives submitted a petition to DVTK management, which was received by three members of management, Girgili Santa, Managing Director of the soccer team operating company, Miklos Pinches, Sports Director and Peter Village. Marketing Communications Manager.

Diósgyőr VTK – Mol Fehérvár FC 0–4 (0–1)

Diósgyőr, 520 spectators (data provided by the director). V: Solymosi (Albert I., Horváth Z; Vad II., Oláh).

Diósgyőr VTK: Malenica (6) – Polgar (5), Milovice (5), Szucs K. (5), Soldo (5) – Max (5), grozav (4) – Grgic (6), Molnar, G. (5), Solic (4) – Drazi (4). Coach: Zoran Zekic.

Fairfar FC Mall: Kovács D. (7) – Bamgboye (6), Fiola (6), Musliu (6), Stopira (6) – Dárdai (6), Nego (6), Houri (6), Petryak (8) – Szabó L. (5), Nikolic (7). Coach: Emre Sabic.

exchange: Zuvulic (-) versus 59 instead of Max, Márkvárt (-) versus 59 instead of Suljic, Zivzivadze (-) versus 62 instead of L. Szabó, Alef (-) versus 71 instead of Hori, Ivanovski (-) versus 75 instead of Drazic. , Makrai (-) in 75th instead of Soldo, Bouard (-) in 80th place instead of Dárdai, Iszlai (-) in the 85th minute instead of G. Molnár.
yellow card: Bamjboy in the 15th minute.
Julzerzo: Petrik (0-1) in 44, Nikolic (0-2) in 55, Zivzevadze (0-3) in 79, Nikolic (0-4) in 90.

Zoran Zekic: – This day, it wasn’t a show, and I can’t even find words after we put on such a production. We encountered some situations, but we did not work as a team. If we had gathered people from the street, they would have performed better. We waited for many months for our fans to be able to help the team on the field, and unfortunately this did not happen. It can be seen that the drunks are sad, we are after the match. I really don’t know what to say. It was difficult to prepare for this week, I felt some of the players weren’t in their heads, but more respect for the club should have been shown. Unfortunately, it was the opposite of what we saw compared to what I was trying to encourage the boys to do. When I accepted the invitation, I knew that I was going to receive a team in a very difficult situation, if we look at the spring table, we are in fifth place, and yet I don’t feel that we have made the most of ourselves. Points were supposed to be collected at the same rate as Puskás, but we did not get the required number of units. It was a very strange time, I didn’t see much city because of covid, every day was full of work, but I realize that dvtk club is a big club and the team should not play to avoid relegation but for international participation. I knew I was also taking a big risk in my career when I answered yes at Deusger’s request. I am sorry that the goal was not met.

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Emery Sabex: – We did our homework, got 3 points, so we came. Unfortunately Puskas didn’t falter, we are happy with third place. We have gained useful experience, and we know what we need to change to get closer to Ferencvaros, so that there is no such difference between us. Staff, since I do well here, I thank everyone for their work. We kindly wanted to say goodbye to the season, it worked, it was not easy to get up after the disappointing Cup Final.

Minutes, events

22 minutes: Soldo missed Szabó L., it looked out of 16, but the referee referee 11. Nikolic scored the penalty kick scored by goalkeeper Malenika.
43 minutes: Darday passed from the left, and the ball fell in the middle towards Petriac, who threw forward, sending the game upside down from 8 meters to the left side of the goal, 0-1.
55 minutes: Nego, Szabó L. was the path of the ball, and the latter passed to Petryak, who gave a superb pass from the left, and Nikolic, who came blank from the inside, shot the latter from 7 meters into the empty goal, 0-2
79 minutes: Dioscore lost the ball in the middle, and the game went to Petriac, who got Zivzevadze off to a great start. The striker ran into the 16th and then hit the left side of the goal 0-3.
90 minutes: Bamgboye passes from the left, Nikolic put his foot on Zivzevadze’s shot-like pass, 7 meters from the goal, and the game to the left of the cage, 0-4.

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