"Something flew over us" - a passenger pilot saw a mysterious cylindrical object

“Something flew over us” – a passenger pilot saw a mysterious cylindrical object

Experts ruled out that it was a military structure, and there is no explanation for what he saw.

An unknown, elongated, cylindrical, high-speed flying object was observed over the US state of New Mexico by the pilot of an American airliner. mentioned a The local press. The pilot of US Airways Flight 2292 from Cincinnati to Phoenix encountered a missile-like body at an altitude of ten kilometers.

The pilot reported the unknown object to air traffic control and conversation Steve Douglas Recorded by radio screen. In the recording, hear the pilot continue:

Something just passed over us. I’m sorry to say this, but it looked like a tall, cylindrical object that looked like something like a rocket. He walked over us very quickly.

Although the accident occurred in a US region filled with military bases, missile test areas and secret military installations, experts at The Drive say it’s almost complete. Can be excludedThat the pilots of the plane be able to see a military missile or a secret military aircraft.

The drive recalled a similar phenomenon nearly three years ago mentioned He is also the captain of two aircraft in approximately the same area. Additionally, US Navy pilots have seen similar UFOs several times over the past decade.

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