Someone tried to steal Szczecin’s main attraction, the Puffy Cat

Six-year-old Gacek Cica, slightly chubby, black and white, or Kot Gacek in Polish, is a huge star, a famous cat, a sight in the Polish city of Szczecin, so much so that he is also on Google Map, not in any way, evaluated by 3,200 people, 5, with an average of 0.

Gacek is such a star that local stores sell items emblazoned with his image.

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Someone tried to steal

De Jasek went under a car, and the woman staring at him got into a taxi after the failed attempt.

The cat’s caretakers reported the incident on Tuesday: “A certain creature decided to try to rob Gatsik on March 20, shortly after 7am. Of course it didn’t work out. Jasek ran and hid under a car. The cat thief was also frightened, and a trusted person from The whole thing. Then the attempted robbery was completed. We strongly advise that no one attempts such a thing. Cameras are watching Jacek and his friends, so hopefully no one will ever have such a stupid idea in mind again.”

As can be seen from the post, a photo was also taken of the would-be thief, which has since been circulated on social media by locals, with his face hidden for the time being. One commenter asked why they didn’t show his face, and the “farmers” replied that they wanted to avoid trouble, but that “if necessary, we have everything.”

Source: Google Maps

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