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Someone sold a PlayStation 5 development kit as a pizza machine – PCW

Someone sold a PlayStation 5 development kit as a pizza machine – PCW

One seller found a funny and creative way to get around Sony's lawyers.

So-called development kits, or dev kits, are primarily used to enable studios to test and improve their games on new hardware long before the official release of the new console. As a result, it can be guessed that such devices rarely come before major devices, and then we have not even mentioned the strict rules that apply to the use of dev kits.

Although development kits are highly functional, they do not reflect the appearance of the final consoles at all – the development kit for the PlayStation 5, for example, turned out to be very powerful. Such units rarely go on sale, but if someone tries to sell them, the authorities will quickly intervene.

In 2021, for example, a seller advertised two PS5 development kits on eBay, but the ad was removed shortly after it was uploaded, likely at the request of Sony. However, one day a seller managed to deliver a PS5 development kit for over 6,000 euros (around 2.5 million Hungarian forints).

The case is particularly funny, as the seller posted an ad called “PizzaStation 5 Development Pizza Kit,” a reference to the PS5 development kit’s V-shaped cooling pad, which netizens loved—after all, its design is perfect for holding a slice of pizza. The PlayStation-branded pizza plate deserves a special mention, which was probably also part of the package.

While the ad is indeed a smile, the seller's primary goal was likely to avoid the attention of Sony's lawyers and the potential legal ramifications of selling the development kit.

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Some users have pointed out that PS5 development kits can be individually verified, with IP addresses tied to real-world regions and office locations, meaning it’s very easy for Sony to track down exactly who the seller is. It’s just a matter of how committed you’re willing to be.

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