Some US arms packages may fall into the hands of the Russians

Some US arms packages may fall into the hands of the Russians

According to some sources, the US government has consciously taken the risk that the weapons delivered to Ukraine may fall into the wrong hands.

The United States does not have a sufficient way to track the large amount of military equipment sent to Ukraine, including anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other weapons, which is a major blind spot.

The CNN According to his sources, all this is due to the “lack of American boots” in the country, as well as the fact that a lot of weapons flowing across the border are easily carried, which increases the likelihood that equipment will eventually fall into the hands of other armies and militias that are contrary to American intentions.

However, the Biden government has consciously taken that risk, with a defense official saying it would be a much greater risk than failing to properly equip and arm Ukraine, the report said. CNN.

In the short term, he added, an arms transfer worth hundreds of millions of dollars is vital to the Ukrainians’ ability to fend off the invasion of Moscow, while acknowledging that it is “certainly the largest arms transfer to a partner nation in the last conflict.”

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