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Some places have twice as many days off as in Hungary

Some places have twice as many days off as in Hungary

Hungarian employees get a total of 20 vacation days and 11 bank holidays per year, which is also due to state and church holidays (since 2017, Good Friday is also a public holiday). There is a European country in which the number of rest days reaches 40 days a year, while in other countries the days of rest are less than those in Hungary, he writes money center.

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In Hungary, the fact that a holiday in red letters falls on a weekend is sometimes a reason for bad taste in Hungary, and if it falls on a Thursday or Tuesday, we get a long weekend, in which an extra day is not considered an extra day. Gift, you have to work on a Saturday workday first.

In 2023, two of the 11 public holidays fall on weekends:

  • The first day of the new year was Sunday.
  • And August 20 will also be a Sunday.
  • May 1st, October 23rd and December 25th will also fall on Mondays, so there are also 5 long weekends this year with Easter and Pentecost, without having to work any days.
  • March 15th falls on a Wednesday, just as November 1st falls in the middle of the week.
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These countries have the most rest days in the world

The number of days off after holidays and festivities varies from country to country visionary capitalist According to data collection.

  • The largest number of Gift Days in the world takes place in Iran, with 27 Red Gift Days each year when no action is required.
  • In Europe, San Marino gives workers the most public holidays, 20 in total.

It is not at all unique that Hungary has more than 11 public holidays abroad. You don’t have to go far, just look at the neighboring countries:

  • 13 in Austria, Romania and Slovenia;
  • 12 in Ukraine;
  • 11 in Serbia;
  • Slovak workers also get 15 days off a year.

Basic freedom everywhere starts at the galactic minimum

In Hungary, workers can take a 20-day uniform, to which additional holidays can be added under various legal titles – for example, for people over a certain age, for the birth of children, for harsh working conditions, or for people with disabilities. disability.

In Europe, 20 days is the minimum:

  • Austria, Denmark, France, Luxembourg or Sweden 25 days,
  • Even more in Monaco (30), San Marino (26), Scotland (28), Moldova (28) or Andorra (30).

The most days in the world that employers must officially grant their employees is a full 30 days, and in many places: in addition to Monaco, in Andorra, Bhutan, Madagascar, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Bahrain, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Libya and Algeria. Or, for example, in Peru.

Stingy countries where the number of days off is zero

However, in many parts of the world, there are much fewer days:

  • in Micronesia, Nauru or Kiribati, for example, 0 days,
  • Officially in the USA.
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The United States does not officially designate a single day as a mandatory vacation day, employers can limit the number of days off they offer employees. However, most employers usually specify a minimum of 10 days.

  • There is also only one day off on Paulu Island,
  • in Tanzania 3,
  • In China and the Philippines, the basic vacation is 5 days,
  • In Thailand, Mexico and Nigeria 6,
  • In Taiwan, Brunei, Singapore 7.

As there are a lot of public holidays and essential holidays

Workers feel more comfortable in those countries where there are a lot of basic holidays and public holidays.

  • Iran tops the list with a total of 53 vacation days – 26 of which are paid basic leave and 27 are official holidays, so Iranian workers can stay off work for about 2.5 months.
  • San Marino, who finished second in the standings, won the silver medal with far fewer days, 46 days – 20 days off and 26 days off.
  • Yemen is in the final stage of the platform with 45 days to go.

Hungary lags behind Europe with a theoretical 31 days, most countries have more than this, but in some countries workers can rest less than we do.

German, Dutch, Swiss, Greek, Irish, English and Montenegrin workers have fewer days in total than Hungarians.

Do Hungarians work more than Germans or Romanians? We’ll show you!

In Hungary, there are 11 official holidays every year when we don’t have to work, there is no school and no shops are open either. Rest days of 10 to 15 days are similar in most EU member states. However, the average weekly working hours of employees here are less than the EU average. Read more >>>

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