Some Oppo phone memories can be expanded afterwards

Some Oppo phone memories can be expanded afterwards

Their owners can run up to 7 GB of additional memory.

Oppo announced an interesting but very late feature as some of its phones have started to support the virtual memory feature. The company has begun testing the solution, called RAM+, in Singapore, but will make it available in the Middle East and Africa Reno5, A94 and A74 markets through a system update that also brought Android security fixes in June 2021.

Oppo A94Source: Oppo

With RAM+, device owners can increase the amount of system memory on their device by up to 7GB in three steps, and this extra amount of storage space is taken up by Android, which means the feature will reduce the available free capacity. The part of virtual memory that has been truncated from mass storage is significantly slower than real RAM, but there are indications that some user habits may still make sense in using it, improving the user experience.

Supposedly, it can help stackers who use millions of applets but just send them to the background instead of closing them.

It is not yet clear when the RAM + feature that can be activated in the Phone Book section of the Settings app may become available in Europe. Related news is that Oppo has been in Hungary since July officially available, officially distributes the aforementioned family of Reno5 products at home.

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