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Some children’s products must be sold in California without gender discrimination

In California, supermarkets have been selling some products for children, such as toys and toiletries, since Saturday indiscriminately.

According to the American press, the law signed by Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, states that supermarkets must have a gender-neutral section.
This should show an “acceptable range” of products, regardless of whether they are traditionally intended for girls or boys. The law does not apply to children’s clothing, only toys and childcare items.

Members of the LGBTQ community have welcomed the law, saying the traditional pink marketing of girls and blue of products for boys is forcing children to conform to gender stereotypes.

Democrats in the western state succeeded in passing the law a third time, and also failed in 2019 and 2020.

Democrat Evan Low noted this year’s proposal, who said the law was inspired by the ten-year-old daughter of one of her colleagues. The young girl asked her mother why parts of the job were “forbidden” on her just because she was a girl, he said.

We need to end the stigma of what is acceptable for some genders and let children leave them as children. I hope this law will encourage more companies in California and the United States to avoid promoting harmful and outdated stereotypes.” Democratic politician added.

The law was opposed by some Republican politicians and many conservative groups. They argued that the government could not tell parents how to buy for their children.

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