Solomon Islands banned US warships

The US Embassy in Canberra announced on Tuesday that the Solomon Islands has banned US warships from its ports. According to the diplomatic representation, they received the official notification on August 29. Solomon Islands halted maritime visits under the pretext of reviewing protocol procedures.

Photo: AFP

Relations between the Solomon Islands and the United States and its allies have been strained since the island nation signed a security pact with China in May.

Several countries, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, the Fiji Islands, and the United States, have expressed concerns about the treaty.

At the same time, the government assured the countries of the region that there would be no military base on its territory.

A spokesman for Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavari previously denied reports of the ban. It was announced that the Prime Minister will deliver a speech on Tuesday afternoon to welcome the US Army Hospital ship Mercy, which arrived in the island nation on Monday on a two-week mission.

According to the US embassy, ​​the ship was able to dock in Honiara because it had obtained permission before the ban was announced.

A US Coast Guard vessel in need of refueling and supplies was prevented from docking in the Solomon Islands last week because the Honiara government did not respond to its request.

According to the Coast Guard, the Oliver Henry was monitoring illegal fishing in the area at the request of the regional fisheries agency.

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