Sold over 30,000 tickets for Tottenham H.

Sold over 30,000 tickets for Tottenham H.

The Marines Football Club in the Eighth Premier League sold more than 30,000 tickets to Sunday’s FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur, although spectators were unable to attend the meeting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands are curious about Eighth Division teams in England (Photo: AFP)


As reported, Tottenham won 5-0 as a guest from the Eighth Division Marine in the third round of the FA Cup.

Result: Navy – Tottenham 0-5. spectators: 30,697On Twitter, the amateur association in Crosby, near Liverpool, wrote that they had set a goal of 6,000 virtual tickets before the match.

The team stadium can hold 3,200 people however. Some saw a meeting with the closed goalkeeper through the fence or from the windows of surrounding homes.

The AFC was founded in 1894 and found itself in a difficult financial situation due to the epidemic, so fans helped the club a lot by purchasing tickets worth ten pounds each (about 4,000 Ft). According to the news, a number of Tottenham drivers, even London manager Jose Mourinho, as well as former Tottenham star Gary Lineker, who is currently working as a TV presenter, took the meeting ticket.

English FA-CUP
Third round for the best 32

Marine AFC (VIII.) –Tottenham Hotspur 0-5 (Carlos Vinicius 24., 30., 37., Lucas Mora 32., Divine 60.)

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