Sojgu visszarendelte az orosz hadsereget a déli és a nyugati határról

Soju brought back the orders of the Russian army from the southern and western borders

“I think we have fully achieved the unexpected inspection objectives. The forces have shown their ability to provide reliable protection to the country,” the prime minister said on Thursday at a meeting to assess military exercises for the Southern Military District and the Airborne Forces. .

He added, “In this context, I ordered the completion of control operations in the southern and western military regions.”

Sojgu commanded staff and commanders of military regions and airborne units to plan and begin withdrawing troops to their permanent position from April 23, in addition to conducting a detailed analysis of the results of a sudden examination of combat readiness. The concerned units should return to their bases by May 1.

Sergei Sojo’s order applies to the 58th Army of the Southern Military District, the 41st Army of the Central Military District, and the withdrawal of three airborne divisions. The main stage of the military exercise took place, Thursday, at the Obock Training Stadium in the Crimea, with the participation of the Minister of Defense.

In parallel with the escalation of the conflict in the Donetsk Basin, Russia has strengthened its military presence near the borders of Ukraine and in the Crimea, which was annexed in 2014, since the end of March. The Russian Defense Ministry explained troop movements through military exercises, and the Kremlin emphasized that Russia does not threaten anyone.

According to the United States, the strongest concentration of Russian forces since 2014 has been observed in the border region in recent weeks.

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