Socialist activist BLM buys luxury real estate, and is one of his comrades to investigate

Socialist activist BLM buys luxury real estate, and is one of his comrades to investigate

Such as Magyar Nemzet has already written it , One of the founding members of the organization, which is fighting nominally for the importance of black life, Patrice Colors I started buying up luxury real estate.

That is why he is calling for an investigation now Hawk Newsom, Against the New York leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, who put it this way

He does not understand how the Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a self-proclaimed socialist, could afford such a “luxury purchase”, moreover, in a mostly white neighborhood.

Hook Newsom said the case made the movement incredible, but he wasn’t the only one who spoke out against him within the movement.

a New York Post Patrice Khan Colors, 37-year-old African American, announced this Saturday

He bought luxury real estate for a total of $ 3.2 million, including a luxury villa near Los Angeles for $ 1.4 million in an elite neighborhood that is almost exclusively white.

The American news agency AP According to his report, the Black Lives Matter raised a $ 90 million donation last year and it is not clear if the organization will pay the Patrisse Khan-Cullors. Because his finances are not transparent and no one knows how he made so much money.

Patrice himself, in a post he posted to his online account, basically did not deny the allegations regarding his purchase.

According to BLMGNF, the accusations leveled against the director come from right-wing forces that want to reduce the support and influence of the movement.

a Daily caller A conservative portal reported that BLM’s co-founder, who claimed to be a “trained Marxist,” immediately discontinued his consulting firm in the wake of the outrage.

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(Cover photo: Los Angeles Magazine)

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