Is Social Media Ruining Your Relationship?

Is following your significant other on social media necessary?

It’s been said that following your partner on social media is detrimental to the health of one’s relationship. Now this is not true for every couple out there, but it is for the majority. Following your significant other on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat does nothing, but create problems that wouldn’t normally exist in a relationship.

When asking people this question majority of them responded by saying it is in fact necessary to be friends with your partner for different reasons.

Reasons are as followed, “I have to lurk and for them to gas me up” and my personal favorite “Neither one of us should have anything to hide, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

You come across a comment you dislike and BOOM you turn into a FBI agent and assume the person who left the comments wants your boo.

This is not always the case and if you can’t learn to trust your partner then maybe you guys shouldn’t be dating.

I’ve never understood why someone leaving a heart eye emoji under a picture could cause a breakup. You can’t control someone complimenting your significant other, but if it’s that big of an issue then discuss it with your partner. Either way the compliments are still going to continue. Unless you disable the comments and honestly that’s doing too much.

So many people let social media play such a big factor in their relationship. Social media is not dating your man sis, you are. And okay he left his number under her picture, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to call him bro.

How many people can honestly say they haven’t started an argument with their partner because of something they saw on social media?

If it’s not to big of an issue I challenge you all to unfollow your significant other on social media for two weeks and see where the relationship goes. For some it may not make a big difference, but others it may.

Check your insecurities and learn to trust your partner unless they have a bad track record then lurk all day and night. Just kidding! Lol

How do you feel about following your significant other on social media? Sound off in the comments.

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