So it is worth watching the documentary about Ferguson -

So it is worth watching the documentary about Ferguson –

Eleven months ago, on May 27, 2021, the documentary “Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give Up” was released in the UK about the main character, the legendary manager of British football and Manchester United. The film was first officially available only in Great Britain, then uploaded to HBO Max, and has been available in Hungary since the beginning of March this year.

A moment from a legendary coaching career – Alex Ferguson and the Champions League trophy (Image: Getty Images)

the like. This feeling will catch someone Sir Alex Ferguson After watching a 1 hour and 48 minute documentary about his life – surely even those who didn’t particularly like the Scottish professional during his coaching career, for reasons like these. In the “docu” the viewer rarely encounters unexpected vicissitudes, but it does not matter at all how it is organized or how much new or unknown information it provides.

In the latter, a really powerful “never give up” action, Since more than half of Sir Alex Ferguson’s career in Manchester has been virtually non-existent. Focusing almost not on recent events in the fans’ memory, but on the extremely bumpy road to success, was the culmination of success.

The plot of the film revolves around two threads, and the focus in both is on memories. One thread deals in detail with the coaching legend’s stroke in 2018 and his subsequent recovery process, while the other deals with Ferguson’s childhood, the beginning of his football career, to the peak of the 1999 Champions League final Manchester United.

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Of course, the last thread is the most important, incredibly interesting, and unknown detail about Ferguson’s hometown, upbringing, career as a player, his wife, or almost How his passion for the Rangers nearly turned into hatred.

In a documentary directed by Jason Ferguson (Sir Alex’s son), after learning about the beginnings, we get a comprehensive picture of him, How important is Aberdeen In making our protagonist is the director respected by the whole world. That follows the second act of business, which many are anticipating more, and focuses on Manchester United.

MU fans may find it particularly exciting to see how Ferguson’s career began in Manchester with their team’s decline., as in the early years, the Scottish manager was badly mistreated with the intent of obtaining his resignation. However, Ferguson believed in his principles, ideas, and players, and this led to success.

The final third of the film is a success story, culminating in the aforementioned 1999 UEFA Champions League Final. Two legends about MU appear for a long time in the works, Ryan Giggs And the Eric Cantona Also, but in the photo series, anyone who watched the documentary “Never Give Up” could come across a whole series of stars of the 90s.

Here’s what Sir Alex Ferguson had to say a year ago when he first saw the film about him: I was more afraid of losing my memories when I had a stroke. While making the movie, I was able to relive the most important moments of my life, both good and bad. Because my son Jason directed the film, I was able to speak in a frank and intimate setting.”

I know? Sir Alex Ferguson’s adventurous career was recently covered in Picture Sports in six parts, the first chapter of it By clicking here You can read it!

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This is a preview of the movie!

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