So far, at the height of the fourth wave in Israel, more than 2,000 new infections have been infected in one day

So far, at the height of the fourth wave in Israel, more than 2,000 new infections have been infected in one day

More than 2,000 new coronavirus infections were identified in Israel in the past day, the highest number for a fourth wave of the Delta virus outbreak so far, Ynet news reported Tuesday on the Jedi Ahronot news site.

With the spread of the most contagious variant of the virus, 2,123 new carriers of the virus were examined and registered in the country on Monday, with 2.32 percent of tests conducted and tested positive. 57.22 percent of newly identified people have already been vaccinated. 10 percent of the newly registered people came from abroad, most of them, 50 from Turkey and 40 from Greece.

Hospitals are currently treating 238 people with complications of the infection, 138 of whom are in serious condition and 26 have been put on a ventilator. The Director of the Ministry of Health and hospital leaders will hold a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, to care for more and more patients, to open new “crown wards” in hospitals.

A clown entertains children in front of the golden-domed Rockadam (Omar Mosque) in the garden of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount on July 20, 2021, the first day of the three-day Eid al-Adha. The Hajj concludes with Mecca. (Photo: MTI/AP/Mahmoud Alyan)

As an immediate measure, it was announced that only passengers traveling at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport can enter the terminal. Those who do not travel must remain outside the building.

Among severely hospitalized patients, in all age groups, the proportion of the unvaccinated is much higher than that of the vaccinated, which means that there is a much lower risk of hospitalization among vaccinated people even if they are infected.

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More than 90 percent of those over 50 have already been vaccinated in Israel, and about 64 percent of those infected in the last month came from under 40, meaning they were from the least vaccinated age groups. At the same time, young people who were vaccinated did not develop serious diseases.

The fourth wave of the epidemic is already spreading in Israel: now there is no highly infectious settlement “red”, but 27 moderately infected towns, declared “orange”, 57 slightly infected towns and villages, “yellow” and only 196 were considered localities. green”, i.e. little or no injury.

In the vaccination campaign, which began in late December, 5,767,009 of the approximately 9.3 million residents of Israel (over the age of 12) were vaccinated at least once with the Pfizer vaccine. This is 62 percent of the country’s population. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 863,680 cases of coronavirus have been identified. 6,461 people have died of the disease in Israel since February last year.

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