Snooker: Wilson O'Sullivan defeated in a big fight

Snooker: Wilson O’Sullivan defeated in a big fight

At the UK Snooker Championships, Keren Wilson defeated Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-5 to advance to the semi-finals. And his opponent will be Belgian Luca Presl.

Keren Wilson wins the big match (Photo:

Six-time World Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan and one of the best players of recent years, former World Cup finalist Keren Wilson, had a huge fan match as expected. With so many chances to win the final tournament, this fight was going to be decisive.

Ronnie O’Sullivan doesn’t play as long as spectators come and go

Lucky Push by Keren Wilson

In the fight that lasted until the sixth victory, Wilson advanced 3 to 3, with only one match left. However, O’Sullivan caught the tie, so the decisive party could follow. Wilson withstood the tension better and won the match by breaking 102 breaks.

And in another match this afternoon, Luca Presel, who played lavishly throughout the tournament, outperformed Anthony McGill, and the Belgian won 6-2.

In the semi-finals, Wilson and Prissel will play each other.

Sunker, UK Championship, York
Quarter-finals (according to the branch fee)

Ronnie O’Sullivan –Keren Wilson (English) 5-6
Anthony McGill (Scottish) –Luca Preselle (Belgium) 2-6
Jack Lisowski (English) –Zhao Shen Tong (Chinese) 2-6
Barry Hawkins (English) –Andy Hicks (English) 6-1

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