Snooker: O'Sullivan sent a cameraman to a match for him

Snooker: O’Sullivan sent a cameraman to a match for him

Ronnie O’Sullivan didn’t pick up on the crowd’s defeat to Keren Wilson, but he made no secret of his bad feelings for York’s environment after the UK Snooker Championship quarter-finals.

Ronnie O’Sullivan didn’t keep himself this time (Image: Getty Images, archive)

O’Sullivan, who led to his eighth title in the race, tied a 5-3 loss, but Wilson won the final so he could prepare for the semi-finals.

For a long time, the tournament was played at four tables at once, and in the quarter-finals, two matches took place in parallel. In such cases, a part of the audience takes a break during the intermission of a match, begins at the buffet and begins to move in the stands. This upset the six-time world champion, he sat in his chair while building several bricks, waiting for everyone to settle down.

When Chief Justice Jan Verhas asked what was wrong, he said.

“The noise is annoying. I am waiting for everyone to sit down, we are not rushing anywhere.” Reply to the referee who urged onlookers.

Rooney also sent a cameraman out of the room during the match because he wasn’t taking a picture from a tripod, but rather jiggling and jogging his mechanism.

“I’ve said many times that if they don’t have an attitude, we’re not welcome. I don’t think it would be much of a request from a photographer, I think this is an essential part of your outfit. If not, seek advice from your fellow professionals.” O’Sullivan said after the match.

He also spoke about the audience.

“I’ll just sit and wait until it’s OK. I also told Jan Verhas we’re not in a hurry. I’m here to play, there’s no time limit. I’m not saying it bothers me, there are good and bad places, along the way. I don’t care so much that I have an opinion on it. It should be important to have smoked bacon and cream cheese at the buffet.” O’Sullivan said.

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Wilson was also asked about the audience.

“I understand Rooney, but I tried to rule out distractions. When they were moving under the break, I was just focusing on my game and I think it went very well.” Said Wilson, who will meet Belgium’s Luca Briselle in the semi-finals on Saturday.

Ronnie O’Sullivan doesn’t play as long as spectators come and go

Sunker, UK Championship, York
a fourth

Ronnie O’Sullivan –Keren Wilson (English) 5-6
Anthony McGill (Scottish) –Luca Preselle (Belgium) 2-6
Jack Lisowski (English) –Zhao Shen Tong (Chinese) 2-6
Barry Hawkins (English) –Andy Hicks (English) 6-1

Keren Wilson (English) and Luca Preselle (Belgian) (television: Eurosport 2)
10 pm: Zhao Shen Tong (Chinese) – Barry Hawkins (English) (television: Eurosport 2)

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