Smart Digital Parking makes life easier for motorists even in Újlipótváros

Most of the motorists are not familiar with the stressful situation of having to drive for long minutes in the busy city traffic in search of a parking space. It is estimated that 30% of traffic in the city center consists of cars looking for a free space, which, when required, drive on the same road several times, hoping to see if there is space available in the area. Not only is this nerve-wracking, but it also has a significant environmental burden. Fortunately, technology provides a solution, or at least greatly alleviates this situation.

Good news for the thirteenth. neighbourhood, for residents and motorists of Újlipótváros: from December 2022 they can also enjoy Smart Linux Kft. The advantages of street smart parking system managed by smart parking is thirteenth. Available in the area since 2019 in 100 public parking spaces in Szent István Park, this has now been expanded with another 750 sensors in the area bounded by Pozsonyi t – Victor Hugo utca – Tátra utca and Szent István körút.

Smart Linux

The intelligent digital parking system is based on sensors installed in parking spaces, through which data on the occupancy of individual spaces becomes available to motorists and the city administration. It is for motorists Download the Parker app for free Shows the exact location of the currently free parking. The app also helps with navigation if needed, and what’s more, it can also start mobile parking. Filter settings also allow you to display only specific parking spots on the map, such as restricted spaces, loading bays, or electric chargers.

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Smart Linux

Smart Lynx outside Újlipotváros In the V. district of Budapest It can also be found in Pecs. These municipalities are among the leaders in the development of smart cities, so their residents can enjoy all the benefits of a smart street parking system that works well in a way that is unique to Hungary. Based on experience to date, Parker app users spend on average 60% less time looking for a parking space, which means about 10 minutes per parking spot, and can typically park 62% closer to their original destination.

The primary beneficiaries of smart parking are the residents of the neighborhood, who in most cases have to look for space on the street, as there are very few underground parking spaces in the neighborhood with the classic apartment buildings. By the way, only those who really have to go to the city center by car. The system makes the daily lives of the population more livable, but its benefits go far beyond that. Even if new parking spaces are not created, it improves the utilization of existing spaces, the efficiency of the parking process, and the travel time. By shortening the latter, harmful emissions are reduced, resulting in cleaner air. Motorists can not only save time and frustration, but also money, as they can reach their destination with minimal fuel consumption. The economic benefits of the system can also be captured by local governments, as more parking space utilization means more parking revenue.

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