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Slovakia will also buy a Russian vaccine

According to Prime Minister Matovic, this is necessary due to the slow distribution of vaccines in the European Union.

“The best Slovak experts in the field of infection, immunology and epidemiology believe that the time has come for the government to start negotiations with the Russian side regarding the purchase of Sputnik V vaccines due to the slow distribution of vaccines in the European Union.” – The Slovak Prime Minister writes on his community page, whose post is immediate Notice.

According to Igor Matovic, other politicians waged a “holy geopolitical war” against this expert opinion. The aktuality.sk According to the page, the prime minister will feed Sputnik the fifth on a voluntary basis. According to Matovi, this way millions of Slovaks can get a vaccine against the Coronavirus.

It appears that the Slovak Prime Minister is now trying to make a setback, as he told the French newspaper Le Monde a few days ago. In his interview He also criticized the individual vaccination policies of each member state and commended the European Commission for purchasing vaccines. The Slovak Prime Minister also told Le Monde newspaper that EU member states should show “greater unity” on the issue of vaccines – especially against Russian and Chinese vaccines.

However, not everyone supports Matovic in opening vaccines to the East: Another party in the four-member ruling coalition, Zawde, says the documentation of the Russian vaccine is not good enough. Tomáš Valášek believes that the vaccine should not be introduced in Slovakia until it is authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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