Slovakia launches comprehensive campaign to decarbonize the economy

Slovakia launches comprehensive campaign to decarbonize the economy

The climate crisis will not wait until we solve the energy crisis. Short-sighted solutions, such as replacing natural gas with coal, will only accelerate the destruction of the Earth, President Susanna Shaputova said at the United Nations Climate Summit in Egypt on Monday.

He announced that Slovakia would begin to decarbonize the economy comprehensively. Čaputová declared in Egypt,

Slovakia joins the international initiative to reduce methane emissions (Global Pledge Initiative on Methane), and thanks to the decarbonization plan, the country’s economy will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 40% by 2030, despite extraordinary energy prices.

The head of state drew the attention of world leaders to the need to accelerate the transition to clean and renewable energies, including geothermal energy.

He drew attention to several Slovak innovators, as “the solutions they developed can be used all over the world.” Čaputová also reminded that environmental transformation is costly and affects the most vulnerable, so she called for increased support for the worst affected countries.

“Since the agreement adopted at the Paris climate summit, Slovakia has increased its contribution fivefold. In Kenya alone, we have supported 16,000 farmers who planted 1 million cashew trees,” said the head of state, noting at the same time that governments alone cannot handle the climate crisis. The private sector and innovative sources must also be involved so that everyone can take their share.

“My generation is already sensing the real effects of climate change. We have already talked a lot about how and why. Action must be taken now”

– The head of state stated, adding that the Climate Summit in Egypt “should become a milestone as collective weakness turns into collective resilience.”

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