The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

Slovak Hockey League: Magic 10th place diverges from DVTK

In the Sunday evening match of the Slovakia-based International Hockey Championship, the DVTK polar bears knocked out Nitra 4-2 at home, thus further and further pushing away from 10th in the qualifiers: the team is already ten points behind Banska Bistritsa.

With no hair breadth, DVTK Polar Bears’ Extraliga confrontation against Nitra on Sunday night started a reflection of Tren السابقةín’s previous tournament. Then the Miskolc people took the lead and scored a agonizing goal after a back-to-back run of people – justifying their 5-1 defeat – but two days later the Borodians jumped off the opponent’s forehand and nearly took the lead in human damage. .


But instead of early joy, early anxiety became the end of the situation. Discus Kyle Osterberg lost his balance by chasing defender Simon Nemec, one of the best DVTK players helplessly to the backboard, and after the medical staff reached the steady player on ice with a stretcher, he was frightened. However, throughout the season, only tormented polar bears on top of everything can lose their base king. Fortunately, however, the American Pavilion was carved out of the hardwood, after a while the ice was left on its own skis and back on the track soon after!

What’s more, he found it in the second trimester – but unfortunately by then his team were already three goals behind.

In vain Attila Adorgan defended the giants again, Liam Finlay first used the traffic light as the endpoint of an engraved triangulation, then after a major defensive foul, White Age, who had been forgotten in front of goal, pulled the group without disturbing anyone next to Adorján … his second goal as well.

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Although Osterberg shot with a superb shot and then on Paleent Magusi’s goal, Miskolc came back in this part of the match, and at the end of the final half slipped across the goal line at Nitra, ending up with an empty goalkeeper. Goal 4-2; And after Jirgili Novor Zamicja Majorus scored an achievement in Zvolen, he finished magical 10th out of DVTK, which still qualifies him for the qualifiers.

Slovak League, primary division
DVTK Polar Bears – HK Nitra (Slovakia) 2-4
(0–2, 2–1, 0–1)

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