Slalom racers from Tapolca are at the forefront of the country

Robert Lovache, his son Cornell, and old teammate Norbert Szular help each other out, as if they were members of a team, but on the field they compete independently, in some ways against each other. During the weekdays, they work at the Service Center in Tapolca. However, the truth is that they do better every year, their names are well known and famous in the sport, and the three of them managed to stand on the podium several times at the awards ceremony that was held recently. Derby matches are judged by car class, but the best in the entire field is always awarded in the ultimate competition. Thus, the boys can go home with two medals if all goes well.

Robert Lovasz won the 2021-22 Winter Kakucs Cup, with an improved Suzuki, and took the absolute 1st place and 1st place in the class. By the way, he started in five leagues in the 2022 season. – At the National Slalom Championships I won 2nd and absolute in category, the Transdanubian Slalom Championship got 1st and 2nd for me, and the championship held in Pécs. In the European Cup, I won the absolute competition and the category, and had the same result in the Pakoni Cup. That meant a total of about thirty competitions in 2022 – we learned from Robert Lovash. He is also preparing for the season, but he wants to take part in this season with a new engine that is more powerful, but lighter in weight, and is equipped with precise work in the service center.

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Kornél Lovász participated in every round of the National Slalom Championship with his BMW 3200 cc. – Here I took 3rd place in the overall standings, and I took 1st place in the category. She also participated in the Euroring throughout the year, where she was able to collect 1st place and 2nd place in the absolute. Regarding this year, I don’t have a final idea yet, but I am interested in developing the competition calendars – he answered our question.

Norbert Szular has started in three tournaments, and has been on the starting line several times in the Transdanubia Slalom Cup, Pécs Series, and Bakony Cup. – In the Transdanubian Slalom Cup, I won the category, and this was accompanied by an absolute second place. At Pécs, I won the class and the absolute competition for the fourth year in a row. A new class has also been launched here since last year, the absolute premiere class, which includes cars equipped with a gearbox. I won a bronze medal here. The Pakoni Cup did not go well this time, there was a silver class and an absolute fourth place, – said Norbert Szollar, who competes in the tuning class with his modified Suzuki and, of course, wants to participate in competitions this year.

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