Slalom: a film about sexual harassment in sports

Slalom: a film about sexual harassment in sports

Sexual harassment in sports has not yet been featured in cinemas. The French-Belgian film drama of 2020, Slalom, can contribute to the discussion of the topic. This is the first movie made by French director Charlene Favier.

The biographical story is, in part, about a young athlete who falls under the influence of her coach and who is trying to control her mentally and physically.

Euronews reporter Frederic Bonsard spoke with the director late last year.

“In this film, my idea was to show the relationship between the coach and the athlete, with its ambiguities and contradictions. She did not want it, but at the age of fifteen, she did not know what she wanted,” Favier explained.

The film was shortlisted for the official competition program of the Cannes Film Festival last year, but the film was not released due to the pandemic. The idea for the movie was conceived eight years ago, and the director didn’t want to ride the wave of the #MeToo movement. Inexperienced teenager tries to hide us in his skin.

Director Charlene Favier:

“I definitely wanted this movie to be an emotional and sensual journey. I think it’s a very good way to engage the viewer in this story. It was not my goal at all to analyze this, and it wasn’t judging that” I wanted to feel everything the girl was going through and ask ourselves a very simple question at the end. The movie: What happened? To open up the discussion so that people can speak freely. That was my idea with the movie. “

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a Slalom It has previously performed in many festivals and was well received by the public and the profession. It will be shown across Europe if the cinemas can reopen.

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