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Slag Engine: They beat the Australian World Champion in Debrecen

Slag Engine: They beat the Australian World Champion in Debrecen

Five-time Grand Prix winner and four-time World Cup gold medalist Nils Christian Iversen won the Debrecen Grand Prix on a dirt bike, ahead of Australian world champion Jason Doyle.

Work in Debrecen

Jason Doyle in Debrecen! Australia’s world-class participation in the Debrecen Grand Prix on August 20 was particularly significant as it ended a tight thirty-two year and fans could once again welcome an individual world champion in Ceves. This year, on August 20, 1990, the character of the Danes, Hans Nielsen, stunned the audience at the Haideosage. Now it was the turn of the world number one in 2017 to prove his skills at the Pyrenees PAL-Salakmoter. Jason Doyle lives the busy days of world superstars, so it’s no surprise that Friday night he rode a motorbike in Leszno for the home team’s Polish Extra League qualifiers. The Unia Leszno-Motor Lublin derby finished at 11.30pm and Doyle had more than 800km to cover before starting in Debrecen early Saturday afternoon.

Organizers tried to ensure that the Australian, who won the Team World Championship in the MotoGP Series of Nations at the end of July, would not pass easily through the city, so they signed up with serious opponents alongside Doyle. Sixteen competitors from 11 countries – Australia, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic and Hungary – were invited to attend the 47th Grand Prix in Debrecen. Five-time Grand Prix winner and four-time World Cup gold medalist from Denmark, Nils Christian Iversen, Swedish team world champion Peter Leung, record holder with Team Debrecen, Jakob Jamroj from Poland, seven-time Finnish singles champion Timo Lahti , young Czech peter Chlobak, a world finalist, and former Debrecen Grand Prix winner from Poland, Paul Misiak.

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Of course, the three biggest Hungarian competitors, Norbert Magusi, Roland Kovacs and Denis Vizikas, managed to prove themselves in the competition. And if it was ours. Recently, Magosi conquered Zsolnay porcelain with the Cívisváros logo, and we wrote 2017 at the time. In the nearly half-century history of the Debrecen Grand Prix, Zoltán Adorján managed the most victories, and the champion was able to stand on the top of the podium 12 times – six times in a row from 1984 to 1989 – on August 20. Adorján follows Sándor Tihanyi, Norbert Magosi and József Tabaka in a tie on the all-time fantasy list, all winning three. Next in the standings is Matej Verjan, who represented Slovenia in 2002 and won the best cup in 2005, in addition to Attila Stefani, who triumphed in 2001 and 2006. The management of the host SpeedWolf Debrecen thought about the previous classics, and named the Legends of Debrecen Grand Prix event, in its framework Interested parties can meet the previous Hungarian winners before the competition.

As expected, there was great interest in the competition, and the arena was filled with a visit to the World Championships, where slag bowlers fought in front of more than four thousand spectators. For this year’s flower carnival scattering, the organizers announced a 23-race competition: after the 20 primary races – after everyone had competed against everyone else – the rider with the most points reached the final straight, while the next eight drivers . Two clashed in the semi-finals. The top two semi-finalists joined the race of the best, so five people fought to win the grand prize.

Debrecen record holder Jamróg stunned Doyle in his first race, so the Grand Prix winner presented himself by two points. This “smack” awakened the Australian, who subsequently won all four matches and thus reached the final without extra time in first place – much to the delight of the audience. The second stage of the competition saw a more exciting fight and pass, that is, the fans were waiting for the semi-finals in high mood. In the 21st race, Lahti and Jamroj finished confidently in the top two, while the Slovenians vied for third, which Skorja finally won ahead of Ivacic. In the second semi-final, Iversen claimed a dominant victory, while Misyak had to beat Ukraine’s Levshin in a battle for second place, while a Pole finished fourth.

In the course of the races, to my surprise, Iversen got the best start, and although Doyle chased him for four laps, the Dane was marked first with a checkered flag, so Debrecen became the champion. At the end of the quad race, Lahti finished third, while the Poles, Jamróg and Miesiac, were pushed off the podium.

Contest winners (from left): Lahti, Iversen and Doyle

Among the Hungarians, Magusi took 12th place with 3 points. Roland Kovács fell in one of his races, but was able to continue the fight, collecting three units and taking thirteenth place. Fazekas finished the competition without a point.

Nils K. Iversen (Denmark), 11 points 1st place in the final
2. Jason Doyle (Australian) 14 points 2nd place in the final
3. Timo Lahti (Finnish) 12 points 3rd place in the final
4. Jacob Jamrog (Polish) 11 points 4th place in the final
5. Paul Misiak (Polish) 8 points Fifth place in the final

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