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Skyward Sword HD first scores

Skyward Sword HD first scores

Coming soon The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, an updated version of the adventure game originally released for the Nintendo Wii and released in 2011. As before, the first pre-release tests ended, as Nintendo again appears to have failed in Bad Zelda game version.

A Skyward Sword HD MetacriticProjectSyndicate en It stands at 82 points based on 48 tests. It’s not as insanely prominent as we’re used to on a Nintendo exclusive, so there have been a port or two of criticism for the port. For example, many note that the gameplay is still repetitive at times, thanks to the time-consuming missions. There was also a complaint about the management, which is interesting because some people have highlighted this as a plus. However, the original game used Wii motion-sensing controllers, which many people found inaccurate, but the Switchen actually has classic controls to choose from. This was praised by some and criticized by others.

Overall, the testers found the handling to be good, evaluating the camera that moves more freely as well as the 60fps performance. Some gameplay solutions (such as dungeons) have been found to be excellent even after a lot of time. Here are some tests:

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD releases on Nintendo Switch on Friday, July 16.

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