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The National Finals of the U20 Volleyball Championship took place in Donaksh, where the youth of the DSE Volleyball Academy also competed over the weekend we left behind. Tibor Tomanuzzi’s team did not have an easy task in the group stage, as their opponents were Keskemét, who won the basic and middle stages, and Benzogir, who also had great strengths, in the first stage of the competition. Our academics started their games against Pénzügyőr, and they did it brilliantly, defeating the Budapest team in two close games and one game in a row (3-0). Unfortunately, the fight against Kecskemét did not go well, because the first two matches were definitely won by the favorite, and although the volleyball players suffered a lot in the third match, KESI won this match too (0-3).

In the last match of the group, Pénzügyőr easily defeated Kecskemét, so our team finished in third place and can wait for Saturday’s game against Kazincbarcika. The goal here was to reach the semi-finals, and although they were able to make up for it from a 0-2 deficit, at the end of the fourth period, Barchik’s team was able to rejoice again, as it reached the final four with a 3-1 victory, so our team finished fifth, They can enter the field on the last day of the competition. Unfortunately, in the last match of the tournament with interest in Dunaújváros, only the first match was close, but our team lost that too, as they only managed to temporarily make things difficult for their opponents in the second and third stages, so they finished the tournament in sixth place.

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Incidentally, the final was contested by our group rivals, Kecskemét and Pénzügyőr, the former winning gold in the U20 points chase with a 3-2 victory.

DSE Volleyball Academy results

group tour
SE Cashier – DSE Volleyball Academy 0-3 (-23, -22, -17)
DSE Volleyball Academy – KESI 0-3 (-15, -17, -23)

cross game
VRCK – DSE Volleyball Academy 3-1 (20′, 26′, -17′, 16′)

Divided for fifth place
Zolnok – DSE Volleyball Academy 3-0 (25, 12, 20)

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