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Six women and six Hungarian finalists in Premium EC
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Six women and six Hungarian finalists in Premium EC

Zsanett Bragmayer and Csongor Lehmann, both wearing the number 1 starter, won the semi-finals on Saturday in Tiszaújváros, in the Triathlon Premium European Cup. Gergeli Kiss also finished his race, while Zsofia Kovacs qualified for the final in third place. In addition, we can cheer for eight other Hungarian competitors in the final match on Sunday, July 17th.

The semi-finals of the European Super Cup Open triathlon were held in Tissaujvaros on Saturday with the participation of athletes from 30 countries, including Australia, USA, Chile, South Africa, Ecuador, Morocco, Mexico and Uruguay. The event was honored by the presence of Dr. Krisztián Kulcsár, former president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, who has already visited the international triathlon competitions in Tiszaújváros in his official capacity, but this time visited the banks of Tisza as a big fan of the sport and as a friend.

Praguemeyer was irresistible

There are 16 Hungarian players in the 47-man women’s competition in the two races – Zanet Bragmayer, Zofia Kovacs, Dominika Biszlig, Borbala Sarcia, Sara Molnar, Hana Breitner, Joza Bernadette, Durka Putnoski, Helga Horondke Carolina, Vandzky and Helga Karolinja Huru. , Dóra Fruzsina Kovács, Laura Holánszky, Kinga Bóna, Nóra Medvegy – they were given the opportunity to prove themselves.

In the first semi-final, world number 24 Zanet Bragmayer finished the three-lap 750m race in pole position with her great Australian rival Emma Jefkot, ranked 26th at the Tokyo Olympics, with distinction. Time 9:26 minutes. In the same place, our Olympian Zsófia Kovács climbed three times pleasantly surprised on the way to the warehouse in sixth place. In the first round of the 20-kilometer cycling race, a leading group of seven members was formed, in which, in addition to the already mentioned, Czech, Dutch, French and Slovak athletes took part. This week Bragmayer reached his second transition with a seemingly reassuring 1:33-minute lead over those who followed him. At the end of the first lap of the 5 km distance, Zanet and Zofia were 11 seconds behind the others. After another lap, our advantage kept increasing, Jeffcoat followed by 15 seconds. Zanet Bragmayer, wearing #1 at the start, was also irresistible in the third and final round and won the semi-finals. Jevkot came second, while Zofia Kovacs, who competed with great enthusiasm, took third place. The top 14 made it to Sunday’s 30-player final.

In the women’s second semi-final, Laura Holansky won the swim with a time of 9:08 minutes, but the third place for Durka Potnochki also gave reason to be confident. The two Hungarian girls were joined by a German, Portuguese and Swiss lady who left the bike depot, while the chasers were 20 seconds behind. By the end of the cycling, 17 athletes had switched to running together. A third of the distance, Australian Matilda Offord and German Celina Klamt were “in a state of activity”, but Tond Bukowski and several of her companions let them go for only 6 seconds. After 3 kilometers, German Tanya Neubert joined the leading duo. The order of termination was Offord, Neubert and Klamt. Bukovszki Tünde retained his sixth position. Carolina Helga Horvat joined the first 14 lead in eighth, while Kinga Bona joined in 14th. She could be seeded 15 by Laura Holánszky in the final following the decision of the competition court.

Six Hungarian men

In the men’s field of 85, divided into three races, we can cheer on ten Hungarians – Xungur Liman, Zsumbor Devi, Pence Liman, Dom Horniak, Opel Cinko-Uribe, Peter Benedek, Gergo Suss, Tamas Toth, Gergoby Kiss, Gergo Devay – . Their “single” task was to complete 1-9. place, as the other three bests qualify for the finals.

The under-23 world champion, winner of last year’s Tiszaújváros competition, Csongor Lehmann, took first place. It ranks twenty-seventh. The rider who entered the first race didn’t really want to leave it to chance, he won the swim quite simply noble, ahead of his brother Pence Lehmann, then rode to safety on the bike with a group of ten people. After the bike was put into the warehouse under Pence’s supervision, he ran out of there in a way that the others must not have understood why. After the first 1,700 metres, he had a 10-second lead, while his brother was fourth and Zompur Devi in ​​fifth. After another lap, the advantage of the defending champion, who also reached the finish line first, increased. After Lehmann Csongor, second place went to Australian Callum McCulsky, who reached the final in the World Series Championship competition in Montreal. Zsombor Dévay’s fifth place meant a certain end. Tenth Pence Lehmann reached the final with a time of 52:33 minutes.

In the second semi-final, France’s Nathan Lisman led the Dísztó streak, the best Hungarian, in fourth, was Dom Hornick. During the cycling, the field was divided into two parts, in the front, sixteen were riding together, but their advantage was only 10 seconds. In addition to Hornyák, there are also the Sinkó-Uribe brothers, Aurél and bel. In the next change, excellent sprinter and British Youth Olympic champion Ben Dykstra, who was among the best and could watch the others from the front by the end of the first lap, “popped”. At the next measuring point, Briton Hamish Riley was in the lead, but eight people followed closely behind him. Riley also held his lead at the finish line, while Dykstra finished third. Unfortunately, none of the Hungarians were able to start on Sunday.

In the third semi-final, the excited audience can once again enjoy a partial Hungarian success, thanks to Gergely Kiss. Jorgo Dube fourth, our two-time Olympian, Tamas Toth, finished sixth. The three tickets for the 12-member bicycle “train”, which entered the warehouse together, were exchanged, with an advantage of more than 40 seconds over the pursuers. Gergely Kiss also tried to dictate the running pace, which he managed for three laps to the point where he was the first to pass under the goal gate. Tamas Toth, President of the World Triathlon Committee and Member of the Board of Directors of the World Sports Federation, qualified for fourth place in the final, which, according to the decision of the Competition Court, Jergo Dube, who took 10th place, will also be a member.

in the young

Among the Hungarians, nine women and nine men won the right to qualify for the final on Sunday in the semi-finals of the European Youth Championship in Tissaujvaros on Saturday. Due to the open nature of the competition, the field of 160 people recruited from 25 countries included athletes from Australia, Chile, Canada, Colombia and New Zealand. The swimming distance was 500 meters at the designated court in Desto, followed by 12 km by bicycle and 3.2 km by running. The Hungarian “unit” consisted of 31 boys and 25 girls.

In the first women’s semi-final, Denmark’s Kagsa Sophie Grunberg Christensen completed the lap swim in 6:34 minutes, between the two Hungarians, Romina Nadas was the first to go into the warehouse by 15 seconds. For the 12km bike ride, the two, along with Inez Pap Laura and Sara Navodnik from Slovenia, formed a separate group, arrived at the warehouse together and switched to jogging. Halfway from the 3.2 kilometres, Nadas Romina was 9 seconds ahead of Laura Inez, who was followed by Ukrainian Yeva Soroka. That didn’t change until the finish line was reached. Laura Szobácsi, fourth, and Viktória Szabó, 9, managed to make the top nine finalists.

In the women’s second semi-final, Britain’s Bethany Cook swam the fastest, but was four seconds behind Sarah Lehmann, who had lost contact with the bike train, to run out with a one-minute deficit. Finally, Bethany Cook “succeeded” to win the race. Among the Hungarians, Zsofia Bayer qualified for the final on Sunday with fourth place.

The women’s third semi-final started with partial success for Austria thanks to Tapia Heuss, and Lily Dube trailed by 11 seconds at this stage of the race. In the middle race, the Austrian girl increased her lead by half a minute ahead of the group she was chasing with two Hungarians. Tabea Huys finally won the start, Lili Dobi third, Dóra Pusztai fourth, Gyöngyvér Bende fifth and Eszter Vas eighth.

In the men’s first semi-final, Giola Kovac swam the best time, while Szabolx Georgievi came out of the water in third place. Together with Kovács, Trugel-Nagy Kolos secured a place on the six-member first cycling team. Halfway through, Kovács was still in the lead, but Australian Toby Bowers was first to reach the finish line, ahead of Kovács, and finally fourth, Trungel-Nagy. Christoph Baer reached the final in sixth place.

In the men’s second semi-final, thanks to Zalán Hóbor, the Hungarian again won the swim, who was thus able to be a member of the 7-member team, which also included Tibor Fihr. Hobor pulled off the final number better, finalist Tibor Viheer in seventh and Akos Karpati in ninth. Benedek Heisman finished 11th in that race, but depending on his time, he could also be on the start on Sunday.

During the third swim in the men’s semi-final, Jergo Soss took just two seconds off Austrian Piller, who started his bike in pole position, joined by compatriot Thomas Wendishbauer. This trio managed to walk away from the others for about half a minute. This time, too, the decision was left to run, as some people walked away at lightning speed. Soós qualified for the final in fifth place, while Trunge-Nagy Zalán finished eighth.

In addition to the first ninth place in the races, the three other top time holders were given the right to take part in Sunday’s final.

Today’s program

9.00: Renovation Ceremony – Little Boys Begin

9.01: Renovation Ceremony – Baby Girls Initiation

9.45: Renovation Ceremony – Teenage Boys Begin

9.46: Renovation Ceremony – Teen Girls Begin

11.45: European Junior Triathlon Cup – Women’s start

12.45: European Junior Triathlon Cup – men’s start

14.45: European Super Triathlon Cup Final – Women’s Start

16.15: European Super Triathlon Cup Final – Men’s Start

(on cover photo: Csongor Lehmann)

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