Sis, You’re Not Getting That Apology

The problem most women have with ending relationships is the closure that is missing at the end. We want an explanation, an apology, and for it all to eventually make sense.

Sometimes, you have to understand that the apology isn’t coming, and even if it was, there may not be any peace in that either.

Have you ever got into a fight with your sibling and your mom makes you all apologize. You both say sorry to avoid the punishment but the sincerity isn’t there? We’ve all went days not sharing clothes or secrets with the other sibling because we were still mad AFTER saying sorry to them. It happens the same way, throughout life.

After a relationship is over,most of the recovery time is spent searching for the missing component. Where did we go wrong? Was I too clingy? Why did she cross me? Why did he leave me? We look for answers in a multiple choice society.

We do not know how to …let it go. Remember #Hurtbae

This is them a year later and baby she did not get that apology, however check her video out after she has finally moved on.

The truth is, sometimes it is your fault, sometimes it is not. Everybody is not permanent, some people are temporary. Sometimes, you will have closure and other times it just won’t make sense. It is not easy. However, the more you can apply this to your life the easier it would be to pick yourself up and move on.

The truth is, sometimes we just ignore the signs of someone’s time being up in our lives. You knew your business got in the streets every time you told your homegirl but you gave her the benefit of the doubt. Your cousin never gave your $50 back, so you loaned him $500 more?

Your boyfriend stopped texting back for days at a time but you just assumed he was sleepy?

The signs are there you just have to be willing to trust your gut and give yourself the closure you need.

Don’t look for closure in people who never offer it because… sis, you’re not getting that apology.

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