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Sip from Italy mortar

Vespa bikes, huge ice cream, pizza and other pastas, beautiful beaches, car wonders, olive groves, coffee and grappa, soccer in all quantities, lots of loud, hearty people. This is roughly how Italy can be described by stereotypes. The place where pouring cola for wine is almost fatal, where if you see pineapple on pizza, run because there’s a sure struggle going on, and where the country’s national anthem is probably buzzing loudly. As exchange students, I was able to spend time in the North; In the town near the French border, the dentist and his wife, a real Italian mama, and their two children were from my host family. They spoke little foreign languages, but were more friendly with tourists. Why did you mention the anthem? Because Italians are very proud and love tradition. Perhaps it is no coincidence that while raising their flag, we laughed a lot at the similarities between Hungarian and Italian, which did not stop at the three colors red, white and green. They also have a diverse history, unparalleled culture, and many patriotic-minded residents. In addition, they have an incredible sense of humor, great gastronomy and warm enough hospitality. And what we can learn from them: Enjoy the moment! Looking at the snow-capped mountains, with a cappuccino in hand, they do not deal with economic indicators, politics and public life, but just sit and smile. Then no one is in a hurry and there is no place to be late. There is only a relaxed “now” and forgotten in itself. Because that’s what it should be like today, a “real sip” of Italy!

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Peter Szabolx

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