Single Mom Superheroes

They are like some unsolved mystery, some type of phenomenon that have statistics, and studies all across cyberspace about how they do it: the single mom.

The crazy thing is we can’t figure it out.

I grew up in a two-parent household, and as lives started to get busier and schedules started to collide, sometimes our household seemed to reflect that of a mad house. Literally, mad.

It always puzzled me, how do single moms do it?

One person.

One income.

Multiple mouths to feed.

One vehicle.

Child Care.

Sports Games.

Parent Teacher Conferences.

The list goes on.  Somehow, the single mom takes on what is intended to be a two person job, and she makes it all happen. Better than that, they raise kids who put them on the highest pedestal ( as they should) Tupac Shakur, Kevin Durant, Shaquille Oneal, Kanye West, Barack Obama, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, and Alicia Keys all attest to having little interaction with their fathers during their upbringing and being raised by their single mothers.

The statistics focus on other aspects of single motherhood. For example, why 1 out of every three black children under the age of 18 live with an unwed mother. They never focus on the hardship of actually raising that child. Just last year, the Department of Agriculture stated the average middle income, TWO-parent household spends $14,000 a year on a child until age 17.

Again, it never really dawned on me how amazingly superhero-like these women were because I never experienced it first hand.

That’s it. These women are not disabled by any means, they are empowered. They are equivalent to the superheroes we watch on TV and wonder just how they save the world and make it look easy.

I asked random single mothers to give us some insight on how their SuperPowers work!

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  3. “I remember her dad saying ‘so what you wanna do’ …and at that point I knew I was in this by myself. Nobody really expects you to drop the baby off on the father’s door. It’s like we’re just stuck with them, no manual, no help. I cried the first couple of days every night with my baby. We cried together. That’s how I made it, I kept thinking about how hopeless he sounded. I had to do it for him.”
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As a single mother, you have these ‘superpowers’ that let you hear your baby from a mile away, sleep lightly so you can be ready if something happens, do twelve household chores at once, only get an hour of good sleep per night, and still go to work, cook, clean, pay the bills and do it again the next day

There’s no one to pick up the slack, there’s not a lot of people you trust to babysit so you don’t go anywhere. Your child becomes your life. Your dreams get put on hold to invest in theirs and that is one of the most self-less acts I’ve seen performed.

This is a thank you to all the single mothers out there that made it happen. The ones in your family, the ones in my family, and my best friend. We see you. We know your secret.

A mother’s love is unconditional and irreplaceable.

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