Simpson has never seen such fans in Canada

Simpson has never seen such fans in Canada

And at the Group A World Cup in 2023 – which Hungary is also seeking alongside the Slovenes – he may have to devise a successful tactic against his country, Canada.

“It would be strange, but not unprecedented in my career,” Simpson said when he returned from Slovenia with the team. – For example, in the 2013 World Cup, when we won silver medals with Switzerland, I managed to beat my country. It is not out of the question that we will meet each other again next year, it will be a good match.

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Odds are it won’t be us, but according to the captain, Hungarian hockey has developed a lot lately.

– I’ve been working in Hungary for two years slowly, and you can feel how much hockey has developed. More and more players are entering the European Summit Championship. Balázs Sebők managed to climb to the podium in Finland. Vervar was one of the finalists in the Austrian Bundesliga. All these small goals give a huge boost to Hungarian hockey. I am proud to be a part of that.

Hungarian hockey players enter the world elite for the third time / Photo: Vörös Dávid-MJSZ

For the third time in the history of the Hungarian hockey team, he fought for the best. We reached the world elite again, defeating three of four competitors in the Slovenian Championship. However, according to Simpson, no one should think that given the absence of the French and Austrian teams, the World Cup was easy. We have defeated excellent opponents, and the Slovenes are clearly ahead of us,” said the 62-year-old Canadian gentleman.

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This success is worth something if Hungarian hockey can benefit from the performance of the first set. The goal is not to stay in the lot, but the quality of the game. With the professional staff, we have worked really hard in the current World Cup to make the team as perfect as possible.

Hungarian printers have created a great atmosphere in Ljubljana too / Photo: Dávid Vörös-MJSZ

Hungarian printers have created a great atmosphere in Ljubljana too / Photo: Dávid Vörös-MJSZ

Simpson also highlights the fans who created a great atmosphere in Ljubljana. He had never even seen such fanatics in Canada. It would be great if the World Cup were held in Budapest.

“There will be an atmosphere that I haven’t experienced much in my long career. The team also felt supported throughout and that was reflected in our performance. That tournament will be the Hungarian Hockey Festival.

The captain’s contract expires on June 30 anyway, and the alliance will soon take stock of the past, nearly two years with Simpson, and discuss his appeal with him.

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