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Simone Szabo and Edina Balogh perform together from a private place

Simone Szabo and Edina Balogh perform together from a private place

As we wrote, the two stars of the final season of Farm VIP started getting to know each other more seriously after the show, and they recently admitted that there's more than just friendship between them. Simon Szabo and Edina Balog do not deny that they are forming a party, but they are not revealing much about themselves yet. Now the actress couldn't help herself, and shared a photo of their latest romantic trip with her followers.

Edina Balogh recently revealed more details about her new relationship, but they don't want to tell the public that yet, since it's still quite new to them, and they're still getting to know each other outside of the show.

I knew he was no longer a friend, he meant so much to me and I needed him so much more, and he needed me. We started dating, maybe that's the best way to put it. Where are we now? I'd be bold to say I know. Right now, everything is new in our life, and we won't talk about it more deeply, because this is not the right time. But we are a couple, I won't deny that. If I did, I wouldn't be telling the truth. Many people find themselves in a similar situation, and many share this with me. “But in order for us to bring experiences together and be able to live our relationship freely, it is also important that I make our position clear,” said Edina Balogh recently, who speaks more boldly about her relationship than the Farm VIP winner, but they agree that they want as many experiences as possible. Shared outside of the show, so they have traveled together several times already.

Now the actress has shown off a photo on her social media page, where she has also tagged Simone Szabo, revealing that the two have flown to Vienna, where they will spend a romantic weekend together.

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