Simgen: The goal of the Hungarian state is the survival of the Hungarian nation

Simgen: The goal of the Hungarian state is the survival of the Hungarian nation

According to Zsolt Semjén, the Hungarian nation could only survive if all parts of the nation survived. He argued that if a part of it were to disappear, such as the Magyars in the Highlands or Transylvania, the universal Magyars would be disfigured, and thus the survival of the Hungarian nation would be called into question.

He added, “Every nation is a one-time, non-repeatable value, and a special value economy that only that nation can offer to global humanity,” thus, anything that cuts off national existence cuts off the global wealth of values.

He said: Internationalism and chauvinism, which seeks to abolish national existence and calls into question the right of another nation to exist on the basis of the right to life of another nation, contradicts the Hungarian concept of nation; The task of every nation is to preserve and demonstrate its values ​​and heritage.

The Deputy Prime Minister also spoke about the need to strengthen Hungarians and preserve their identity in accordance with the Hungarian national policy, and therefore the government supports Hungarians abroad: compared to 2010, the state spends more than ten times on preserving its identity as in the Carpathian Basin: built or renovated Kindergarten, three thousand churches were renovated, hundreds were built, public and higher education is preserved and supported from kindergarten to university. As part of the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Programme, more than a hundred undergraduate students will be sent to Hungarians abroad to teach Hungarian history and culture in the Hungarian language, and scholarships will be given to those living in the diaspora who wish to continue their university studies in Hungary.

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He added that the government is also carrying out economic development in the Carpathian Basin, because it is not enough for Hungarians to be able to preserve their identity if they cannot live in their homeland.

He emphasized that identity preservation and economic development made it possible for Hungarians to survive.

Zsolt Semjén also reported that more than 1.1 million Hungarians abroad have already obtained Hungarian citizenship. This meant uniting the nation under common law, which, he said, was the only solution for Trianon.

Speaking to the Hungarians, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “We are counting on you, and you can always count on Hungary, the Hungarian government, you can count on us!”

In response to a question, he said it was a naive opinion that joining the European Union would solve the problem of Hungarians living abroad. He said that although the situation had improved, as Hungarians in Transylvania, for example, could come to Hungary more easily, EU membership could not be said to have solved the problem.

He added that the EU “does not want to hear” about the rights of nationalities or religious communities. This is also shown by the Minority SafePack, which, despite the collected signatures, has been cleared from the table by the European Commission. “We will not give up, we will bring up the issue of nationalities again and again,” he said.

Regarding the vaccination against the coronavirus, he said that all Hungarians can also obtain the vaccination and the Hungarian protection certificate.

The deputy prime minister, who said Hungary is seeking bilateral agreements on acceptance of vaccines, but if a country does not accept Hungarian vaccines, Hungary will not unilaterally recognize the vaccines offered in that country because “this would be tantamount to a waiver of sovereignty,” said the deputy prime minister. The binary was a legitimate expectation because Hungary was only vaccinated with an effective vaccine.

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Szilveszter E. Vizi, President of the Foundation, spoke about the fact that the Foundation, founded ten years ago, is gradually developing, the important goal of which is to introduce successful Hungarians to Hungary, thereby educating Hungarian youth about national self-awareness.


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