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Showing the local Spider-Man in the sky, in turn, breaks records

Showing the local Spider-Man in the sky, in turn, breaks records

The Spider-Man: No Way to hit theaters in Hungary on December 16 has been a hit since its first weekend, and has been breaking viewing records ever since.

According to statistical data, the producer’s studio was able to record the most successful show in foreign and domestic cinemas, as 189,904 viewers bought tickets for the movie in Hungary until midnight on Sunday, which means that the new Spider-Man movie became the fifth. The most successful show ever.

In Hungary, Spider-Man took home the award for his best cinematic performance in 2021, and within a few days it became the most watched and profitable act of the past year, and more people have seen it than all the previous Spider-Man films since. Infostart.

InterCom Zrt press release.

It seems likely that it will surpass Titanic and the Jurassic World in the near future, making it rise to the top of the charts. They could even be nominated for an Academy Award later, as the most successful film of the year in the major categories, and could be nominated for Best Picture.

Its sales also beat all expectations, with total revenue exceeding $1.5 billion, putting Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Avengers on the record list. In his latest story, Peter Parker explains the main villains from the parallel universes, with characters such as Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Willem Dafoe, and other famous people portraying the characters.

Currently, Avengers: The second most revealing Marvel movie after Endgame has been available in cinemas for a long time to come, so the score could change and more records be broken.

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