Should delaying the need for speed benchmark be a cause for concern?

According to an inside source, it’s worth preparing for the worst regarding the next installment of Need For Speed, which doesn’t sound like a patina these days (and deserves a better fate).

Tom Henderson, who has proven, for example, to be really reliable about Electronic Arts regarding Battlefield 2042, received a question the other day regarding Criterion’s Need For Speed. We have already heard rumors about this game that it has the features of photo-realistic and cartoon style. Electronic Arts still didn’t want to talk about it much (and over the summer they didn’t, for example, during the E3 variant EA Play Live, because Andrew Wilson blew it up so he could talk more about the games separately…).

Henderson on Twitter He wrote that he is fully concerned about the new Need For Speed ​​(in principle, it should be released this year, at the end of March at the latest), but could reveal more about the new WRC game soon. Although it seems a logical fallacy, we can explain it: WRC Generations, which comes out in October, will be the last game based on the World Rally Championship license developed by Kylotonn (also published by Nacon), because in 2020 Codemasters obtained the right to use The license… from 2023. It was bought by Electronic Arts, so the WRC license goes to them…

In June, Criterion president Matt Webster wrote on the Electronic Arts blog: “As Criterion looks to the future and is fully focused on developing the next Need for Speed ​​game, this will be the definitive update to Need for Speed: Heat. Since its release (while players continue shredding the asphalt in Palm City), we were hearing what you loved about the experience and what you think could be improved. With these ideas, we got a great foundation to create the most expressive, community-oriented, action-packed game yet for Need for Speed ​​fans and beyond.”

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At the time, Henderson said he would get a presentation in July and release in November. The former hasn’t happened yet, and if you’re worried about the game, it might not be until 2023…but after that, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if the project was cancelled!

source: WCCFTech

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