Shocking footage of the collapse of the new silos in Beirut

Shocking footage of the collapse of the new silos in Beirut

Footage of more silo towers collapsing came from Lebanon, where facilities damaged in the disaster two years ago in the northern part of Beirut’s shipping port were destroyed one by one.

According to available information, the rotting grain confined to the warehouses damaged in the 2020 explosion in July caught fire, possibly due to fermentation gases. The fire weakened the already dilapidated reinforced concrete structures.

In an image taken from a video recording, more destroyed silo towers collapse in the northern part of the Beirut freight port on August 23, 2022.Source: MTI / AP / –

With the current event, the last remaining structures of the northern silos also collapsed, while the southern granaries, which sustained minor damage, are not in immediate danger, according to experts – writes world economy.

Incident video:

The explosion on August 4, 2020, which killed more than 200 people, was contained mainly by these structures, but only 12 of the 48 silos are still standing.

The 2020 disaster was also reported by Origo, among others In this article. In the wake of the port explosion at the time – which destroyed much of Beirut – the deep economic crisis in Lebanon and the social crisis that followed exacerbated.

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