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She is the younger sister of Szabina Tabai with freckled black hair: Andy becomes the main character of this show – a local star

She is the younger sister of Szabina Tabai with freckled black hair: Andy becomes the main character of this show – a local star

We have already reported that Claudia Liptay will be the host of VIASAT3’s new reality show Singli ou svindli. The channel has now also revealed the identity of the main character: Zabina Tabai His beautiful sister is looking for love in him.

In production starting October 2 Andy from Tapa Ten men compete for her heart, however, the format has a bit of a twist compared to the usual matchmaking shows. Half of the children lie, because their hearts are too busy.

He is the brother of Szabina Tápai in Szingli or Svindli

The con men’s girlfriends are watching the events from a distance: they have given their partner the green light for seduction, hoping they can trick Andy.

Photo: VIASAT3/Attila Udvardi

If Andy ends up choosing a man she mistakenly believes is single, the man and his partner win money, and she leaves the game empty-handed. However, if you really find the one – the single – you will win the 20 million with him.

No one can know who is telling the truth and who is lying, the couples must decide how far they will go to win the jackpot, and Andy must use all her instincts.

By the way, Andi Tabai, like her sister, has a serious sporting background, having played handball at the professional level for 21 years. She did appear on a few shows alongside her sister, but she never appeared on television as a main character.

Szabina Tápai in a silver bikini

There was a commenter on Facebook who wrote on a photo of Szabina Tápai in a bikini that she is the most beautiful woman in Hungary.

Long Term Intimacy – How do we keep the passion alive in our relationship?

October, guest of Femina Club Dr. Christa Hevesi is a sexual psychologist Who will it be with? Nora Szeli, the host of the evening talks, among other things, about how honest we can be with ourselves and with our partner. What taboos exist in relationships? What can be done if there is a lack of sexual intimacy and how can we prevent the flattening of relationships?

You can read the fine print about the evening here:

Tickets are only available onlinein limited quantities.

date: October 17, 2023, 6 p.m

location: Goboda Mall – Fun Theater


Cover image: Promedia

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