She is the adopted daughter of Giorgi Nadas, who is rarely seen: Jenny lives in America – a local star

George Nadas He and his wife live in a Mosaic family, and they both have two children together. While Zsuzsa always wanted to have sons, the comedian wanted to be a father to his own daughters, and through his growing daughters, that wish was fulfilled.

Earlier, we wrote about how their relationship with the little girl didn’t start out so smoothly, with Lily even wanting to sabotage their wedding with a childish prank.

Adopted daughter of Giorgi Nadas

We have seen György Nádas with him many times on screen, for example in Vigyázat, I’m with Baby! They also appeared together in the show. However, he often shows himself with his eldest adopted daughter, the reason being that Jenny He lives abroad, in America.

A family of six doesn’t often get together like this, but when they do, it’s always a joyful celebration. Jenny and her parents told us about it Plus factsAnd they also remembered what it was like when the girl found out that her mother had fallen in love with a famous guy.

Jenny 2

– I remembered Jeuri from my childhood, from New Year’s Eve performances. But it was all so unbelievable to me. However, I was very happy because my little sister and mom were happy, he explained.

Look at the handsome son of Giorgi Nadas!

Giorgi Nadas had two sons. The youngest, David Gabor, finally realized himself in acting, becoming an artist at the Madach Theater.

Cover photo: TV2 / Mokka

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