She can’t stand Meghan Markle: this is how attention is distracted from Karolyi’s coronation

For a long time, the international press has been dealing with How-To III. Coronation of King Charles. This will be a historic event, and of course – as we’re used to from the palace – they will give way. There will be a service and a parade, as well as concerts and a grand feast. But the biggest question all along has been whether Meghan and Harry will marry, and if so, will they leave?

Megan does not like the royal family. Photo: AFP

As we already wrote in a previous article, Harry and his wife finally received an invitation, but they waited a long time for the palace with their answer. Their decision was also complicated by the fact that Caroli’s coronation coincided exactly with little Archie’s birthday, so it was questionable which one should be celebrated with. In the end, they come to a compromise that Harry will travel to Charles’ coronation, but he will rush home immediately. Until then, Megan will stay home with the kids and throw Archie’s birthday party.

Although the coronation will be a real big event, Meghan will do everything to ensure that her little son’s birthday party also attracts the attention of the press. For this very reason, you can invite a lot of celebrities, A.J the sun And the list of those who were definitely invited:

  • There will definitely be periodicallyMeghan Markle’s mother. The mum lives close to Harry and Meghan and we are told she is an excellent grandmother who helps the young couple a lot since the babies are born.
  • Serena WilliamsMeghan, the tennis legend maintains a very good friendship with, you might say bosom friends. Therefore, the royal experts believed that he must have invited him as well. Serena’s little girl and Meghan’s kids are said to be playmates, so it’s especially fitting that she’d be invited.
  • Oprah Winfrey She was the first celebrity allowed into her home in California, and since then the host has regularly stood by them in times of trouble.
  • George Clooney and his wife hope He maintains a good friendship with the couple and they live very close to each other. They often get together for dinner, so they are expected to come as well.
  • Orlando Bloom She becomes one of Harry’s best friends in the US, as they are neighbors. The actor thinks that the prince is a great, funny person and always speaks well of him. However, his wife Katy Perry will perform at the coronation, so it remains to be seen which event Lord of the Rings Legolas will attend.
  • He is a very popular presenter in America Ellen DeGeneres, with whom Megan is also a great friend. She reportedly talked him into adopting his pet dog, so it would be surprising if he wasn’t invited.
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