She bought a million and a half wedding dress at the thrift store for twenty thousand forints but donated it anyway.

The influencer is already married, so he doesn’t need her.

You never know what you might find at a thrift store, thrift store, or antique store. Many people are tempted by this: there is hardly a better feeling than getting something great for less. That’s exactly what happened Ophelia Nichols With his name tiktoker

In a video posted to TikTok, Nichols showed off the wedding dress and explained why it was so expensive.

dress up Romona Kivela From a designer whose current collection of wedding dresses starts at over $3,000 each. In disbelief, Nichols saw the dress sell for only $50 and even told the store manager, who, however, didn’t want the piece renamed, so the tiktoker was able to get it for the money.

However, Nichols is now married and said she would like to donate the dress to someone in need among her 12 million social media followers.

“I cried when I put that dress in the trunk of the car because I would have given anything for it years ago when I got married.” – Explained in the video – “I know it would mean a lot to one of you. Sure, I could clean it up and sell it on eBay for anything I wanted, but no, I want someone else to have the experience that I didn’t have.”

The woman tried on and showed off the beautiful dress, adding that she thought it was cut tighter than the size on the tag, so whoever gives it to her will definitely want to try it on beforehand.

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